Friday, July 29, 2011

Davee D's BioARTCAMP Experience

On my flight into Banff I was quite nervous about spending 2 weeks with people I had never met before and this feeling continued until we had our first meeting where within 5 minutes I knew that BioARTCAMP was the place for me. The team members were open, kind, friendly and most importantly hilarious.  We were then going over the details of what was to come once we reached Castle Mountain Hostel, and we were all excited to get down to work, BioArtWork that is.

Once at the hostel we set about creating the unique labs in the woods of Banff National Park, we had some ups (all the delicious foods, good company and beer) and downs (the rain, the ever shrinking tent and the late Tetrahymena) but through out that everyone worked together to create a great environment for art, science, philosophy and most importantly innovation.

I had the opportunity to help collect samples, examine Tetrahymena, extract DNA, take/edit photographs, sing BioARTCAMP songs and invite the public to come an see what our team had achieved in just a few days, overall I had an amazing life changing experience and I thank Jennifer Willet and the rest of the BioARTCAMP team!

To see my unedited Geo-Tagged photos please check here:

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